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Your Perfect Minimony

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While many of our brides have had to reschedule their initial wedding plans, many have opted to honor their original wedding date with a “minimony”.

A minimony, a mini ceremony, is a way to still celebrate your special day while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Having a minimony is a great way to get together a handful of your immediate family and closest friends to celebrate your love.

Scheduling a minimony does not have to replace your big wedding plans. Our event planners are still here to make your big wedding day dreams come true, once you are ready, but in the meantime, here are some tips for pulling off the perfect minimony.

Minimony Pro-Tips

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1. Make It Personal

With only a handful of guests, focusing on the smaller details is more doable. Go all out on décor, invitations, fun place settings and anything else that can be personalized to your liking.

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2. Create a Playlist

Music is always an important part of any event! Put together the perfect playlist of songs that represent your unity as well as great songs that will get your guests moving.

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3. Give Guests Individual Meals

It might be some time before people are comfortable eating from a buffet again; put guests at ease by offering individual meal options or serving family style for guests in the same household

4. Don’t Skip the Cake

Regardless of its size, a wedding cake always makes a great impact. Our cake decorating team can make mini tiered cakes that will still be ‘gram-able.

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5. Keep It Outside

Take advantage of the warm weather by having your minimony outside, it also reduces the stress of having to socially distance is a smaller indoor area; you can also incorporate beautiful fresh flowers.

6. Embrace the New Normal

Masks and hand sanitizer aren’t going anywhere for a while so have fun with it; you can offer guests custom masks and bedazzle some sanitizer bottles to add some sparkle.

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7. Don’t Compare It to Your Original Plans

Your Minimony is awesome in its own right, enjoy it for the special, intimate affair that it is.

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